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NEW SERVICE IN OFFER: Continuous growth of onshore Wind Energy assets in Europe is associated with the aging of wind farms over timeWe are developing tools to make this technology fully renewable as [...]



GP Renewables and partners invite you to take part our auction for a bench made out of recycled wind turbine blades Help a Ukrainian family Highest current bid : 5000 Euro How to bid [...]


Construction inspections of wind farm foundations – how to easily generate savings in the on-going operation of a wind farm.

Every Wind Farm Manager knows what wind farm management is about In this article we will try to focus on less obvious aspects, such as random and unforeseen costs related to foundation [...]


Wind turbines foundation design and optimisation in the context of profitability of investments in wind farms.

Never before has the question of optimizing the foundations for wind turbines been as valid as today, in the context of searching for the best model of financing and highest profitability of [...]
Almost 40% of the wind projects 2018 & 2019 Polish RES auctions have GP RENEWABLES GROUP foundations.


Almost 40% of the wind projects 2018 & 2019 Polish RES auctions have GP RENEWABLES GROUP foundations.

Recalling PSE, the installed capacity of wind farms in Poland in Q4 already achieved 63 GW The largest source of electricity among RES is wind Investments in wind farms in Poland have gained momentum [...]
WindEurope, PSEW membership


WindEurope, PSEW membership

The pandemic must not overshadow long-term goals Active participation in international renewable energy associations is a natural part of our market presence and the process of supporting the energy [...]
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