Case studies

Selected projects from among several thousand successful projects:

Brasil, EDP Renewables, design

Parque Eólico Jerusalém 43 Vestas turbines V150- 180,6 MW

Poland, PGE/SPIE, design

Klaster Wind Farm, 33 Vestas turbines V100, V110 - 88 MW

France, Quadran, design

Champ Chardon Wind Farm, 5 Senvion MM100

New Caledonia, Quadran, design

Wind Farm Yate, 24 Gamesa G58

Poland, EDP Renewables, design

Korsze Wind Farm , 15 Gamesa G114 37,5 MW

Poland, Polenergia, repair

Modlikowice Wind Farm, Vestas V90

Netherlands, H4A

Blaakweg Wind Farm, 3 Nordex N131, 10,8 MW

Poland, MEGA/KGAL GmbH & Co. , soil improvement with FDC Columns

Ciekocinko Wind Farm, Nordex N131

Europe, EDP Renewables, repairs

Long term framework contact for repairs

Poland, ENEA, inspections

Long term framework contract for inspections

France, design

Wind Farm HyrÔme 5 Nordex N117

Poland, EuroWatt, design

Wind Farm Potegowo, 9 Nordex N117/N131

Brasil, Quadran Brasil , design

Wind Farm Serrote, 49 Vestas V150, 205,8 MW

France, VSB, design

Wind Farm Buleon, 6 Vestas V110, 13,2 MW

Poland, EDPR, design

Wind Farm Kozlowo, 23 Vestas V100

Poland, ABO Wind, design

Wind Farm Donaborow, 9 Siemens Gamesa SG114

Poland, Mega, technical expertise, repair

Nidzica Wind Farm , Vestas V90

France, Qair, design

Wind Farm Côtes du Moulin , 5 Nordex N117

Equador, Neoen, design

Wind Farm Villonaco II & III , 27 Goldwind 136 108MW

Brasil, EDP Renewables, design

Wind Farm Monte Verde 138 Vestas V150 579 MW

Brasil, Rio Energy, design

Wind Farm Brejinhos & Caetite norte 17 Enercon 160 166 MW

Poland, CJR, design

Wind Farm Mlawa 17 Vestas V110 37,4 MW

Poland, Polenergia, design

Wind Farm Debsk 55 Vestas V110 121 MW

Poland, RWE, design

Wind Farm Zukowice 11 Nordex N117

Poland, V-ridium, repair

Wind Farm Jędrzychowice

Poland, V- ridium, Maintenance Services, construction inspection

Wind Farm Zgorzelec, Wind Farm Jędrzychowice

France, VSB, foundation design

Wind Farm Buléon 13,2 MW, 6 Vestas V110)

Poland, EDPR, foundation design

Wind Farm Warta 26 MW, 13 Vestas V110

Poland, Polenergia, repair

Lower Silesia, 5 WTG foundations

France, P&T Technologie SAS, design

Wind Farm Bourbiac, 3 Nordex N131

France, WPD , design

Wind Farm Roncheres, 11 Vestas V136

Poland, Eurowind, design

Wind Farm Zolkiewka 11 Vestas V100

Poland, Eurowind, design

Wind Farm Janikowo, 29 Vestas V100, 1 Vestas V90

Poland, V-ridium, repair

Lower Silesia, 9 foundations

France, Boralex, design

Wind Farm Boungainville

Poland, Polenergia, PBDI, design

Wind Farm Kostomłoty, 9 Vestas

Poland, ONDE, Qair, foundation design and soil improvement

Wind Farm Wisznice, 12 locations GE

Poland, Tauron, repair

WF Mogilno III, Vestas

Poland, PNE AG, Maintenance Services, construction inspection

WF Barwice, WF Grzmiaca

Poland, EDPR, technical expertise

WF Lichnowy, WF Gudziki

Poland, Qair, repair , isolation

WF Lubartow, 9 locations

Poland, Polenergia, repair

WF Łukaszow, 5 locations

France, Baywa-re, repair, isolation

WF Parc Eolienne Moreac, 8 locations

Poland, Qair, construction inspection

WF Rzepin, WF Linowo

Poland, GreenBear, construction inspection

WF Debowa Łaka

Poland, Enea, construction inspection

WF Gorzow Wielkopolski, Enercon

Poland, ONDE, Eurowind Energy, foundation design and soil improvement

WF Zolkiewka , 11 locations, Vestas V100

France, Boralex inc/ Antea Group, foundation design

WF Parc éolien du Mont de Bézard II, Vestas

Poland, Qair, foundation repairs

WF Linowo

Poland, V-ridium, technical expertise

WF Lubartow

Poland, V-ridium, construction inspections

WF Lubartow, WF Zgorzelec, WF Jedrzychowice

Poland, Eurowind /PBE Elbud, foundation design and soil improvement

WF Chodziez

Poland, Suracon/Orlen, construction inspections

WF Subkowy, WF Nowotna

Poland, Suracon/Orlen, construction inspections

WF Kobylnica

Poland, Prokon, foundation repairs

WF Radomsko

Poland, V-ridium, measurements of tower deflection

WF Zgorzelec

Poland, V-ridium, measurements of tower deflection

WF Jedrzychowice

Poland, Tauron, CAT III, extended foundation diagnostics

WF Śniatowo

Poland, Tauron, CAT III, extended foundation diagnostics

WF Mogilno II

Poland, Tauron, CAT III, extended foundation diagnostics

WF Dobrzyń

Poland, Tauron, CAT III, extended foundation diagnostics

WF Gołdap

Brasil, EDP Renewables, foundation design

Parque Eolico Boqueirao, 19 Vestas V150 4,2 MW

Poland, RWE, foundation design

WF Wierzchlas

Poland, Eurowatt, foundation design

WF Potengowo

Poland, Energix, foundation design and soil improvement

WF Banie IV, 11 locations

Poland, Windpower/ ONDE, soil improvemnt works

WF Ujscie, 15 locations

Poland, Prokon, foundation repairs

3 locations

Poland, Prokon, foundation improvement and isolations

2 locations

Poland, Tauron, measurements of tower deflection

31 locations in few wind farms

Poland, GreenBear, construction inspections

WF Debowa Laka, WF Swiecie

Poland, EnergyConsult, construction inspections

WF Barwice, WF Grzmiaca

Poland, V-ridium/ONDE, foundation design and soil improvement

WF Wolka Dobrzynska, 13 locations

Poland, General Electric/Engie, foundation expertise


Poland, Eurowind/Elbud PBE, foundation design & soil improvement

WF Pniewy, 4 locations

Poland, Polimex/ Eurowind, soil improvement works

WF Znin, 23 locations

Poland, CJR/Iberdrola, foundation design & soil improvement works

WF Korytnica 14 locations

Poland, Polenergia, foundation repair

WF Modlikowice, WF Łukaszów, 4 locations

Poland, WPD windmanager, inspections

8 different Wind Farms

Poland, RWE/ Global Energy, foundation design

WF Znin , 16 locations

Poland, WindPower/ ONDE , soil improvement works

WF Ujście, 15 locations

Poland, ENEA, inspections

5 different Wind Farms

Poland, EDPR, foundation repairs

WF Tomaszow Lubelski

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