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GP Renewables is the first group in Europe to provide fully comprehensive, state of the art services in the area of wind farm foundations. Our offer includes: design, soil improvement, inspections and repairs.

We implement all projects just the way they should be implemented – with the appropriate knowledge, work ethos and no compromises.  Thanks to this, we have thousands of projects to our credit and we are trusted by the largest renewable energy companies in the world. 

Environmental protection is a part of our DNA, therefore our offer also includes a comprehensive service of recycling and mechanical processing of wind turbine blades. Owing to cooperation with our partners -composite recycling specialists and technical universities – we have developed a unique method of transforming wind blades into modern items of urban architecture, giving them a “second life” and contributing to the idea of an  environment-friendly closed-circuit economy.

We are a member of:


GP RENEWABLES GROUP is based on 2 foundations:

GP WIND and GP EARTH. The added value of both companies is the mutual exchange of experiences and the analysis of case studies on the DESIGN – REPAIR line between experienced engineers in both of of these fields.
The combined knowledge allows us to achieve the best results for our customers in both areas. 


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GP Wind: experts in design and optimization of wind farm foundations.

At GP WIND, our team of experienced engineers focuses on issues related to the design and optimization of wind farm foundations, project supervision and management, consulting and support for wind farm purchase/sale processes and due diligence technical analyses.

Foundation design and optimization
Supervision and management of wind farm projects
Support for wind farm purchase/sale processes
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GP Earth: experts in construction, repair and maintenance of wind farm foundations.

At GP Earth we deal with professional diagnostics and repairs of wind farm foundations: injections, insulation, tower movements. We provide building inspection and electrical inspection services. We improve soil, repair roads and solve all technical and construction problems that may occur on the farm.

Repairs and expert opinions on wind turbine foundations
Annual building inspections and 5-year electrical inspections
Geotechnical works, soil improvement
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The latest technological solutions and environmental awareness are inscribed in the DNA of the GP RENEWABLES Group.

More about recycling
We offer comprehensive solutions for wind blade recycling: cutting, transport, disposal, documentation. We have gone one step further, giving the blades a “second life” and using them in modern urban architecture projects.

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Wind turbines foundation design and optimisation in the context of profitability of investments in wind farms.

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Contact us:

GP Renewables France

11 Rue Tronchet
75008 Paris, France
+33 676099387

GP Renewables Germany

Von Hess Weg 8
20535 Hamburg
+49 174 16 34 700

GP Reneables Brazil

Av. João Pessoa 1784/1101
Porto Alegre / RS
+55 51 9 8228 0884

GP Renewables Poland

Jana Pawła II 27
00-867 Warszawa
+48 691 435 425

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