GP Wind

GP WIND, experts in design and optimization of wind farm foundations.

Thousands of wind turbines around the world, from New Caledonia to Brazil, France and Poland, stand on foundations designed by us. Our projects are characterized by top technical quality and short lead times. We have designed foundations in all kinds of soil conditions, with different types of foundation, often taking into account many local constraints. We understand perfectly well the need to optimize design solutions to make the investment project as profitable as possible. We are trusted by industry leaders. What better recommendation to trust us?

Customer satisfaction is our topmost value.
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Wind farm foundation design

We design solutions which are optimised in terms of technology and economics. We take into account local circumstances and specific considerations. The most popular types of foundations are direct foundations, on improved soil, or intermediate foundations on piles.


Design optimization

We specialize in all types of design analyses.
We verify projects in terms of technical and engineering aspects, safety of use and workmanship, as well as from the point of view of cost of implementation. Show us a design and we will improve it.


Supervision, project management, technical expert surveys

We will make sure that the general contractor carries out the project in accordance with the objectives and guidelines, with the investor’s interest in mind. We will prepare expert opinions on the work already completed.


Consulting and support in the process of purchase/sale of wind farms

We will carry out the technical due-diligence analysis, evaluate designs and execution, diagnose and minimize potential risks at purchase.


Contact us:

GP Renewables France

11 Rue Tronchet
75008 Paris, France
+33 676099387

GP Renewables Germany

Von Hess Weg 8
20535 Hamburg
+49 174 16 34 700

GP Reneables Brazil

Av. João Pessoa 1784/1101
Porto Alegre / RS
+55 51 9 8228 0884

GP Renewables Poland

Jana Pawła II 27
00-867 Warszawa
+48 691 435 425

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